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By paying online with a credit card, you receive the convenience of automatically renewing Membership, helping us go green through reduced paper use and receiving uninterrupted Member benefits. If you don't want to pay online, please click here to download and mail, email, or fax in the Membership form. 

Note to Division St. Businesses, by becoming members of both the Wicker Park Bucktown and West Town Chambers, membership costs at both Chambers will be reduced by half the normal price. Please contact the Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber to complete the submission of your membership at the reduced rate.

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Networking: Join us at all Chamber Mixers & receive select benefits of business membership.

Studio Rate: Individual Artist/Musician/Actor

Associate Business Member: For Chamber Members who own another business with a different name and want member benefits for the second business

Cultural Venue/Non-Profit: Art Gallery/Dance Studio/Non-Profit Organization/Theatre

Business: Standard small business category for businesses without a liquor license

Restaurant/Bar: Businesses that have a liquor license and are not corporations or chains

Corporation/Bank/Hospital/Chain Store/Big Business: Businesses with 30 or more employees in Chicago proper OR 50 or more in all US offices

Networking - $75.00 Yearly

Studio - Quarterly - $18.75 Quarterly

Studio -Yearly - $75 Yearly

Associate Business Member - Quarterly - $23.75 Quarterly

Associate Business Member - Yearly - $95 Yearly

Cultural Venue/Non-Profit - Quarterly - $37.5 Quarterly

Cultural Venue/Non-Profit - Yearly - $150 Yearly

Business 1-4 Employees - Quarterly - $50 Quarterly

Business 1-4 Employees - Yearly - $200 Yearly

Business 5-9 Employees - Quarterly - $62.5 Quarterly

Business 5-9 Employees - Yearly - $250 Yearly

Business 10+ Employees - Quarterly - $75 Quarterly

Business 10+ Employees - Yearly - $300 Yearly

Restaurant/Bar - Quarterly - $100 Quarterly

Restaurant/Bar - Yearly - $400 Yearly

Corporation/Bank/Hospital/Chain - Quarterly - $187.5 Quarterly

Corporation/Bank/Hospital/Chain - Yearly - $750 Yearly


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