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Safety Tips for Businesses and Individuals


Due to recent criminal activity in the Wicker Park Bucktown area, we've begun compiling a list of safety advice and preventive measures to help you stay safe.

Upcoming Safety Seminars

  1. Presented by the 14th district CAPS office, Thursday, February 23rd, 6pm - Haas Park Field House, 2402 N. Washtenaw (at Fullerton, a few blocks west of Western)
  2. Presented by the 13th district CAPS office, Wednesday, February 29th, 6pm-7pm - Smith Park Field House, 2526 W. Grand Ave. (Just west of Western Ave)

Safety Tips for Individuals

The following originally appeared in our "Important Safety Announcement" blog post contributed by Chicago Police Officer, Tom Stachula but it is well worth re-posting: 

"Be aware of your surroundings, who is on the street, is the street well lit. Please do not walk down alleys at night, try to stay on the busy streets. Do not walk around with ear piece's for iPods, telephones or headsets on. You can not hear offenders approaching you with these items preoccupying your attention... If you have to walk the street (early in the morning or late at night) have some form of personal protection with you. Purchase a canister of mace, and carry it in your hand until you get to your destination. Carry an item that makes a lot of noise, a whistle, hand held air-horn something that will scare off your attacker. If the street is that quiet, walk down the middle of the street. This will give you more time to react if an offender approaches you. Always be thinking of escape routes if approached. Carry your cell phone in your hand with a pre dialed 911, so all you have to do is hit send. this will save you time in dialing and always know where you are. ex: the 1600 block of Damen. this crucial since you will be under pressure when attacked, you will not have to think about it you can just scream it into the phone and help will be on the way. Better safe than sorry."

Shoplifting Prevention and Safety Tips for Businesses

UPDATE: Please see this flyer provided by the 14th District Police Department containing Robbery Prevention Awareness Tips for Your Business. 

In order to avoid shoplifting and more importantly keep you and your coworkers safe, here are a few reminders of suggested steps from Elizabeth Gomez at the 32nd Ward:

• "Acknowledge EVERYONE who comes through the doors even when you are at the register. • If you feel like someone is suspicious, ask them if they need help more than once or tell them about the product. By being overly helpful, the person is aware that you’re watching them.
• Use signs that say that you’re being watched on camera, even if they are not. You can place that right on your front window. Criminals are looking for easy targets, they are not trying to get on film
•  Regular (customers) are people who want you to succeed. Many will be willing to at least be a second pair of eyes while you’re busy. 
• It may be worth (hiring security) for the peak hours at the shops, like during the weekends just for the holiday season.”

Additional strategies and tips provided by the Police and other business owners in Wicker Park and Bucktown: 
• Schedule more employees during most vulnerable times to avoid employees working alone. If an employee must work alone in the store, inform your neighbors that you will be alone in the store and for what period of time. Minimize the amount of time you are alone in the store.

If you have any other tips or advice you’d like to share with your fellow business owners or residents, please do not hesitate to email us so that we can add it to this list!

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